Friday, September 19, 2008

still a lot of work...

Sun, Workers, Dome, and the Earth

completion the first dome

it's a great moment. an exclamation of joy.

Finishing the last few layers of the dome

up to 27 layers

inside the unfinished dome

plan of a unit

after daily work, getting ready to going home..

up tp 20 layers

the unpaved road to the construction site

cattles enjoy their right of road

Installing temporary doors and windows

Food (Protein and carbonhydrate)

food (same everyday)

taking a rest from hard working

foundation and first layer

The first layer

the first layer on the macadam foundation.

Setting the center point of the Ecovillige

working in Uganda, East Africa

Uganda ambassador of Japan, architect Watanabe and me at the site, disscussing the Ecovilliage project.

practicing Taichi in the early morning.

delicious jack fruit found here

they just know how to carry stuffs by their ways

form Beijing to Uganda