Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My conclusion

The one month stay in Uganda, Africa makes the most impressive experience of my life. I was always attracted to the natural and wild world of Africa, however, I  never expected that building earth houses brought me there.

It was very lucky for me to get lots of help in all respects, Kelly informed me about this opportunity, Professor Inoue allowed me to join this project, and architect Watanabe shares his knowledge and idea with me.

Having been working in Taiwan, China and the United States, I had no similar experience close to what I have felt in Uganda. Perplex feelings came to me that I conceived the sense of safety and danger, weakness and strength, uncertainty and confidence. All these seems leading me to find and realized the answers of how to go on with my work and my life.

May god bless all the folks in Africa that they need more courage and strength to live with hard lives there.

The only pity is that I had to leave Uganda before the earth building project fully accomplished. Therefore, in Beijing, I try to draw a revised three dimensional model of architect Watanabe's design, which is localized and revised after construction. And also to give the image of how it will look when fully completed someday.

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Mo said...

Greetings Sunny Tsai! Am Moses, from Uganda...I have found information on the work you did in Uganda with Earthbags. Am grateful to find that this kind of building has already been done in Uganda! I have only recently discovered it and I plan to setup probably one of the first organizations (earthbag-teams) to try and spread this technology!

And thanks for blogging this with some detail! We shall try to keep the earthbag fire burning...thanks for playing a part...wherever you are!


Moses Kisekka